Thursday, January 13, 2011

Contemporary literature gives a false account of World Politics.
This has launched an onslaught of migrants from Latin nations,
...often in the name of avenging past injustices committed by The United States.
But, we must learn a brief history of our founding heritage.
And remember the underlining truth; thus granting no right for Latin America to seek its revenge.

In 1588, The Conquistadors invaded England, and 3 days of battle ensued.
IF the British had lost that conflict, the universal outcome would be profound. The Latinos would have controlled the entire Western Hemisphere, until this very day. And, needless to say, their current system would be old-World Inquisitional; and they would not allow others to migrate into their territories. Despite the British victory in 1588, Latinos still own the entire regions of Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, as well as the entire Southern Hemisphere.

Nonetheless, into the 19th Century, The Latinos still controlled Florida, California; along with the American Southwest. They even possessed the entire Louisiana territory prior to the French. It was then part of New Spain. Therefore, it's not justified to regard migrant workers as victims who deserve retribution. Misinformed Americans often compare today's Latino immigrants to African Americans. In conclusion; chain-migrants both legal and illegal) must be regarded as conspirators attempting to conquer this land. Thus, it's not justified to regard mass immigration as humanitarianism.

Mainstream Media creates a portrait of the Mexican War. And, it's their right to reclaim lost territories. But, the overall conflict redefines the issue. No longer should we view Mexico's lost as an injustice. But instead, the infamous war prevented Latin America from claiming further territories.
But, this fact is never been learned in history.
Nor, has anyone addressed the issue of indigenous suffering throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Their native peoples have suffered significantly more than any other.
Nearly destroying the indigenous peoples. And, who was responsible for this destruction? yours truly: The Latino's.
Do you still think they're victims, warranting payback for past crimes ?
End of case.

Brief disclaimer:
Most Latinos are very nice people; and this article should only be placed into its proper context. We're only responding to claims that Anglo-Americans should suffer for past offenses.

Currently, a great organization called is attempting to influence legislation.

However: They underestimate the deliberate intentions by our governments to destroy western societies, and disenfranchise its inhabitants.

It's now time to Spread the word.

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